George Ramos, LMHC and doctoral student

“From 2006 until today, I have been working as a  Child Protective Specialist for  NYC Administration for Children’s Services, NY.  This is a full-time position in which I  perform investigations of reports of child abuse/neglect and ensure child safety and welfare. I interview clients, write comprehensive reports for family court. While adhering to agency and state deadlines, I prepare petitions on abuse/neglect cases and testify in family court on fact-finding hearings and other proceedings. I place children in protective custody as needed, and participate in various trainings regarding child protection, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health issues.
During the time I was working for NYC ACS, I was also interning part-time as a mental health counselor for ACS  and for Veritas, Inc. For both agencies, I assessed clients, developed treatment plans, and led individual and group therapy sessions utilizing Evidence Based Models for mental health, family issues, and addiction issues. I reviewed and evaluated clients’ progress in relation to measurable goals described in treatment and care plans, and coordinated counseling efforts with other mental health professionals, doctors, nurses and social workers.”